“The workers, the people and the factories,
And the fields by the border in the East”

Born in France a coal miner’s daughter, Pauline Andres made a name for herself with a sweet and smoky voice that “perfectly conveys the thoughts and observations of an old soul walking home at closing time.”

Her nonchalant style serves an inclination for ordinary suffering and every day disappointments combined with subtle literary references. The songstress settled in Music City after several years in Berlin, where she recorded the accidental EP Fuck You French Girl and 2 LPs: All Them Ghosts and The Heart Breaks.

After the positive reception of The Heart Breaks in the US, she decided to move to Nashville, TN and focus more on working as a songwriter and producer. Without ever giving up her personal projects. This decision gave birth to her 3rd LP, Fearless Heart. To tell the story of this journey, Andres decided to pump up her sound while staying true to her signature authentic and unapologetic style.

All Them Ghosts‘ main single Patsy Cline gathered over 600K streams on Spotify and that’s when Pauline decided to take down the whole record along with her Happy Xmas Song EP, which had gathered over 500K streams. Because she didn’t like the sound. “I only care about the songs and the sound, not the data. Flushing over a million streams down the toilet may appear crazy or ungrateful. I’m neither. I want the best for my babies is all“. Needless to say, those songs will be re-recorded and released when the time is right.

Pauline is currently working on a new album expected in 2021 while producing several bands in town.

“Like Cline and Carter, Williams and Sandoval, Andres has helped us remember that it is often the simple things that will help us overcome” – The Revue

“A heart-wrenching lyricist whose words cut to the bone” – Bucket Full of Nails

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