“Fantastic songwriting” The Revue

“Tenderly crafted lyrics (…) Lines that give voice to the human experience” Alive Mag (Featured Interview)

“A smokey feel which is just what we need” BBC6 – Lauren Laverne

“Amazing talent” –  Tonspion 

“Some of the most exciting new music to hit the airwaves in a while” Elmore Magazine

“…blessed with a vocal that fuses Nikki Lane with Lucinda Williams” Beat Surrender

“Smoky Americana” Pop Matters

“Her voice could melt ice” Innocent Words

Drive Like Steve McQueen Premieres on Paste Magazine –  Song Premiere

“A heart-wrenching lyricist whose words cut to the bone” Bucket Full of Nails

“Stunning” PopDose

“Like a Lynchian lullaby – all brooding menace, and dark-eyes girls in riding boots. With guns.” Lost At E Minor

“A heartbroken sigh that builds slowly into a Honky-Tonk triumph” (Loneliest Girl in Nashville review) The Autumn Roses

“Her songs are threaded with the smoke-filled stories of 3 a.m. drunks and back alley voices, but manage to walk that line between slinking off into the shadows and keeping one foot in the light of a passing car” Nooga

“Like Cline and Carter, Williams and Sandoval, Andrès has helped us remember that it is often the simple things that will help us overcome.” The Revue

“Much more than the standard Nashville Americana shuffle and twang (…) in soulful alt-country and dark folk where allusions to violence and alcohol are only a chorus away.” Post To Wire

“Pauline Andres is one hell of a songwriter” Global Texan Chronicles

“A studied, literate debut filled with truths, half-lies and possible falsehoods, Andrès’ All Them Ghosts is a whiskey-shined diamond in the rough.” Bucket Full Of Nails

“A dusky, hard-livin’ voice (..) channels the deep roots of americana” The Modern Folk

“A new voice with an old soul” Poet And Pariah

“All Them Ghosts (…) is thought-provoking and above all, deeply impressive. The phrase ‘write about what you know’ never seemed so apt.” Right Chord Music

“With the spirits of a thousand noir lit nightclubs coursing through her veins and a voice conveying well-worn observations, Pauline Andrès will stick to your soul.” Global Texan Chronicles

“A commendable achievement” Live And Die In Music 

“A collection of murky, smoky-mountain monuments to pain and ordinary suffering. Successfully articulated by an unusual Honky Tonk angel (…) Juddering ‘Chocolate Shoes’ is a monster-truck on a rubber-road – and ‘She’ has the same power, authority, darkness and even the manly step of anything by Johnny Cash.” Raw Ramp (All Them Ghosts Review)

“stunningly sharp songwriting where violence and sorrow meet a profound I-don’t-care-anymore attitude that harmoniously clash with each other while calling for another drink” Muses

“She’s already been compared to Nick Cave. She sounds like a younger Patti Smith” Indie Sounds

“(a) rich smoky voice, (…) winds threads of rock and roll through a country framework” Now This Sound Is Brave

“I Remember Her is a fresh new lens-flared indie americana track, that marries Pauline’s signature smokey vocals with a killer vintage telecaster sound and bold carnivale organ.”

Fortune Tellin’ Ma’ makes it to the Hall of Sound & Vision on Beat Surrender

“Her vocals drip with a sultry menace, while the bluesy guitars twang in the distance and the driving percussion plays. It’s rebellious, angsty and raw.” Cracked Wax

“Her voice is warm and beautiful … reminding of a younger version of the great PJ Harvey (…)We forget that we are in Berlin and picture ourselves drinking whisky in some lonesome bar lost in the wide American countryside” Live Review @Auster Club in Berlin by It’s Only Music But Live